Why visit Santa Marta?

Apart from its unparalleled beaches, this city is history, culture and heritage.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a sacred field and home to flora, fauna and tradition. At the top reside four of the more than forty indigenous communities that inhabit Colombia. To visit Ciudad Perdida is to go to a place of ancestral and natural connection that will take your breath away. Nearby is Minca, a hidden paradise of extensive greenery where you can find the typical Colombian coffee.

The oldest city in Colombia is a destination for nature and animal lovers, where you can visit attractions such as the unmissable aquarium or the beautiful and magical beaches of Taganga. Santa Marta has one of the largest parks and natural reserves in the country, the Tayrona Park, with countless beaches, experiences to relax and shelter of hundreds of species of marine life.

In the city you can find many options to enjoy not only a place to enjoy the beach and rest but also a perfect destination for shopping, taste the best seafood, live fairs and festivals or spend a pleasant time with friends or family.


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