Why visit Barranquilla?

It is the home of the Colombian soccer team, it is where you can feel the joy of being Colombian, the happiness of feeling the music, the dance, the gastronomy and the colors of the flag as your own.

The Golden Gate of Colombia is an emblematic city and cultural heritage for hosting one of the largest carnivals in the world. To live Barranquilla is to enjoy the folklore and the charm of the Colombian territory.

Barranquilla is a direct maritime connection with the rest of the world; it is the main axis of economy, business and industry. Major cultural events are held in the city at the large Puerta de Oro Convention Center, in addition to hosting business and corporate events.

To visit “La Arenosa” is not only to be impressed with the monument of the window to the world or to go to see a baseball game, but also to experience Colombia in a different way.


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